@NTYPIRAT Platform

@NTYPIRAT Platform – a tool that allows us to find and liquidate illegal copyrighted content.

With this platform we can:

  • Locate and remove illegal content in the web.
  • Prosecute perpetrators.
  • Provide legal and financial redress.

@NTYPIRAT is a tool that:

  • quickly and efficiently locates illegal content on the Internet.
  • looks for the key phrases: program name, file name, title, audiobook title, etc.
  • collects evidence of violations: screenshot, the user data path, file checksums, etc.
  • blocks attempts to re-publish files once entered in the system.
  • Makes
  • clear statistics of actions that took place.

With help from @NTYPIRAT we can offer you:

  • Web Monitoring.
  • Sending requests to administrators to remove or block illegal content.
  • Collection and preservation of evidence
  • Transfer the evidence to competent law enforcement authorities.
  • Participation in legal proceedings.
  • When necessary, initiating legal proceedings in order to assert claims: damages, settlements, etc.

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